Our New Home

Providence Center is currently packed into a small Fairhill row house. Sheer lack of space has had a dramatic impact on what we can do.  Since our founding, we have relied on partners (such as local schools) to provide classroom space.  As these partners’ needs change, we have been forced to scramble to find new locations. With our programs housed undExterior Image Slider 1600 728er our own roof, Providence Center can stop this negative cycle.

Our new building is located one block from our current location, in the heart of the Fairhill community that we have served for over 20 years and that the Holy Child Sisters have accompanied for over 100 years.  Fairhill Square Park and our community garden are only a half-block away, promising opportunities to play in the grass, soil, and sun.  The new Providence Center is more than five times larger than our current site.  We can double our number of classrooms, increasing our program capacity and allowing us to run adult and youth programming at the same time. Larger classrooms also will have space for computers and shelves of books to enhance our students’ learning.

In addition to our new classrooms, we will have a large community room for play, art and science activities, and workshops for teens.  We’re looking forward to engaging families in fresh ways too.  Parents and their children will come together for movie nights, exercise classes, and arts and crafts activities.  We’ll be able to introduce parents to additional resources available through Providence Center and other local social services.  And, of course, the community room will be a place where the children can present their work to family and friends, singing the songs they have learned, performing their plays, displaying their science projects, and hanging their art on the walls.

While this is a large undertaking, we are so filled with joy as we plan to move into our new building.  Our programs all fill quickly, and every name on our wait lists represents a student looking for opportunity.  We need a larger home to welcome them, a home that insures the love and commitment of the Holy Child Sisters to this community continues far into the future.  This will be that home.


Your gift will make a difference in people’s lives for generations to come.

We invite you to join with us to make this new Providence Center a vibrant and life-giving reality for the children, teens, and adults in Fairhill!